Dog Training in Columbus

Bark. Sit. Shake. Roll Over. Down. No. Does your trusted friend need better manners? Or maybe just a Columbus dog training class on the basics? Just like kids, dogs have to learn somewhere-some dogs are just a little bit more…stubborn, shall we say? From improving response to your commands to keeping them off the furniture and others, this list of Columbus, GA dog trainers is a great start for dog lessons.

  • The Master’s Touch offers professional obedience and behavioral training by instructors certified by the US Air Force. Progress is guaranteed. Call them in Columbus, GA: 706-573-3868.

  • The Developing Canine, located in the historical district of downtown Columbus, Georgia, specializes in off leash reliability, meaning you can be sure your dog will listen to you around your home and beyond the garden gate. Training is available in-home or at their studio. 627 2nd Ave Columbus, GA 706-327-9881.

  • PetSmart in Columbus offers dog obedience classes along with a variety of other pet services. 1591 Bradley Park Dr, Columbus, GA (706) 323-6788.

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