Columbus Pet Laws and Registration

Chances are, your pet is a member of your family, and you do everything to make sure he or she is well cared for. From regular Columbus pet wellness checkups to trips to the groomers, you’re always working to keep Spot happy and healthy.

Part of responsible pet ownership goes further than that. In Columbus, there are city ordinances in place to ensure responsible pet ownership. As defined by the city of Columbus, OH, responsible pet ownership means:

  • Care of a pet in such a manner as to provide living conditions for the pet.
  • Control of the pet so that the pet does not cause a nuisance or unsanitary conditions for the neighborhood or community.
  • Such a pet would have current rabies and city registration tags.

It’s mandatory that all dogs and cats 4 months are older are registered with the Special Enforcement Division/Animal Control Section of the Columbus Consolidated Government. Registering your Columbus, GA pet will ensure that if he or she is ever picked up by animal control, you’ll be the first to know.

All dogs and cats must be vaccinated before a permit can be issued. Vaccination helps protects both you and your pet from becoming infected with the virus, which can be fatal for both animals and people.

To register your pet, contact the Special Enforcement Division/Animal Control Section of the Columbus Consolidated Government. Visit Columbus, Georgia Animal Control they can be reached by phone at 706-653-4512, and their offices are located on 4910 Milgen Road, Columbus, GA, 31907.

It’s also important to follow all Columbus pet laws regarding pet ownership. According to the Columbus Animal Care and Control Center, permit laws, rabies vaccination laws, and leash laws are the most commonly ignored laws by pet owners. All dogs must be on a leash or in voice command distance when off an owner’s property. That means that if your dog might not respond to your voice commands, you’ll want to make sure he’s a on a leash when you leave your house.

It’s important to understand Columbus, GA pet laws are designed to protect your animal and the community. To ensure your Columbus pet’s vaccinations are up to date before registering with the city, visit your Columbus veterinarian.

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