Columbus Pet Wellness Services

Superior Preventative Wellness Care

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When you bring your pet to Benning Animal Hospital in Columbus, we work with you to create a lifetime preventive health care plan. This includes a balanced schedule of vaccines (to protect your pet against dangerous but preventable diseases), routine dental care (good oral health protects overall systemic health), and microchip identification (should your pet become lost).

Our commitment to you and your pet's health begins with an annual veterinary examination which includes:

  • Examining your pet's teeth, throat and oral cavity
  • Checking your pet's vision and eyes
  • Examining ears for infection, ear mites, allergic reaction and other related health issues
  • Assessing your pet's heart and cardiac function
  • Examining the skin
  • Palpating lymph nodes and abdomen
  • Examining the respiratory system
  • Evaluating internal organ function and other systems
  • Monitoring your pet's blood count and serum chemistry
  • Performing laboratory tests to determine the presence of specific diseases
  • Assessing changes in your pet's health since the last wellness visit
  • Fecal check for the presence of intestinal parasites

During each pet wellness examination, we also take the time to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and keep you up to date on all the information you need to be the best caregiver to your pet. Good communication between you and our veterinarians ensures that your beloved companion is receiving the optimal care and attention that he deserves so that he or she can live a long and healthy life.

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Columbus Pet Vaccinations

Vaccinations are the number one way you can protect your beloved pet from serious infectious diseases that were once responsible for the death of many dogs and cats. Vaccinations prepare your pet for exposure to certain viruses and bacteria so when exposed, the immune system can destroy the invaders before your pet's body becomes overwhelmed.

During the first few months of a pet's life, a series of vaccinations for both puppies and kittens is necessary. Sometime between age six weeks to 20 weeks, the maternal antibodies disappear and the puppy's or kitten's immune system begins functioning on its own. For this reason, vaccination every two to three weeks is considered the safest way to ensure protection for your young pet. As the maternal antibodies disappear and the immune system begins functioning, your pet needs fewer vaccinations.

  • Core puppy vaccines: DHPP, DHLPP, Bordatella, Rabies
  • Core kitten vaccines: FIV testing, FVRCP, Leukemia, Rabies
  • Non-core puppy vaccination: Lyme disease
  • Core adult dog vaccination: DHLPP, Bordatella, Rabies
  • Core adult cat vaccinations: FVRCP, Leukemia, Rabies
  • Non-core adult dog: Lyme disease

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Parasite Prevention and Control

Parasites can be real pests. Both external (fleas, ticks) and internal (heartworm, hookworm, roundworm) parasites can cause problems for both your pet and your family. Prevention is the best approach to eliminating these pests. Please ask a staff member at Benning Animal Hospital for the best way to prevent parasite problems in your pet. We carry Heartgard, Trifexis, Vectra, and Revolution Cats at our in-house pharmacy and through our online store.

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Heartworm Disease Dangers for Columbus Area Pets

Spread by mosquitoes, heartworm disease can be a serious threat for your pet. Fortunately, preventive medications exist to prevent heartworm disease in your beloved companion. Our Columbus veterinarians recommend administering preventive medication once-a-month, all year long.

When Should I Test My Dog for Heartworm?

Symptoms of heartworm are not always immediately apparent. Therefore, it can be difficult to detect symptoms in your pet. Some dogs may show no signs of the disease while others may exhibit clinical signs, such as a mild, persistent cough, reluctance to move or exercise (lethargy), fatigue after only moderate exercise, reduced appetite and/or weight loss.

Cats may exhibit clinical signs that are non-specific, such as vomiting, gagging, difficulty or rapid breathing, lethargy and weight loss. If your pet is experiencing these symptoms, please call Benning Animal Hospital at (706) 689-6240 to schedule an appointment.

The timing and frequency of heartworm tests depend on several factors. These include:

  • The pet's age when heartworm prevention was started
  • If preventative heartworm medication was ever forgotten
  • If the pet was switched from one type of heartworm prevention to another
  • If the pet was not on preventive medication and traveled to an endemic area
  • The length of the heartworm season in the region where the pet lives.

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Flea and Tick Prevention

In Georgia, fleas are a year-round problem for pets and their owners. They are not just a nuisance; they carry diseases that can be dangerous to both you and your pet. For example, fleas can transmit tapeworms to your pet, and often you can see segments of the tapeworm in your pet's stool. Your pet can also be allergic to fleas, and even just one flea bite can cause an intense allergic reaction, resulting in a severely painful skin infection.

Although ticks are less of a problem in our area, they can carry a variety of serious illnesses, including Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in certain parts of the country. If you plan to travel to an area where these diseases are a problem, please talk to one of our veterinarians about the precautions you can take to protect your pet.

The good news is that these problems can be avoided by using one of the safe and effective parasite prevention products that are available at our Columbus hospital. Ask a member of our medical team to recommend a product that is right for your pet.

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Columbus Puppy and Kitten Care

Whether purchasing a pet for the first time or introducing one into your multiple pet home, a puppy or kitten quickly melts your heart. However, knowing how to properly care for your new pet will help eliminate the hassles and worries. Always ready to support you with exceptional pet care and guidance, Benning Animal Hospital shares your joy at welcoming this new family member into your life.

Our puppy and kitten programs are designed to cover all the fundamental health care needs of your new pet during his/her early life stages.

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Your Puppy or Kitten's First Wellness Exam

First on your agenda should be a trip to Benning Animal Hospital for a comprehensive physical examination by one of our veterinarians. The initial visit provides an opportunity for you, your pet and one of our doctors to meet and get acquainted. This time is well spent and offers you, the pet owner, a chance to ask questions. Our veterinarians also allay any concerns or anxieties you may have about owning a puppy or kitten. This is a special time for you and your pet and we want your memories to be cherished and worry-free.

Similar to the programs offered for adult dogs and cats, our puppy/kitten programs include:

  • Comprehensive pet wellness examinations
  • Vaccines
  • Parasite prevention
  • Behavior counseling
  • Spay/Neuter surgery
  • Discussion of house training/litter box training
  • Nutrition and diet counseling

We can also address common pet owner questions and topics such as:

  • Best pet food brands
  • Declawing
  • Microchipping
  • Introducing a new pet
  • Adjustment to new baby
  • Preparing for surgery
  • Puppy socialization
  • Crate training

It is important to all of us at Benning Animal Hospital that your puppy or kitten start off on the right paw and enjoy a healthy and happy life. To prove our commitment towards your new rescued puppy or kitten, we provide free examinations within the first five days of rescue.

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Senior Pet Care

As with humans, pets in their senior years—those of about seven years of age and older—begin to go through a gradual reduction of their physical capabilities. However, this process can be slowed and managed through proper veterinary care thereby offering your beloved pet an extended period of vitality and good health. At Benning Animal Hospital, we offer customized wellness care based on your pet's age, lifestyle, breed, and other risk factors. Our goal is to help prevent common diseases or detect them at early and easily treatable stages.

There is an important role for you to play as your pet's primary caregiver. While you cannot control age related decline, you can influence your pet's activity level, living conditions, access to quality senior veterinary care and daily nutrition. With your veterinarian's help, you can manage these factors in order to prolong your pet's good health, vitality and increase his or her well-being, even as his or her pace slows a bit.

However, the best time to begin your pet's senior care program and recognize the need for a little extra TLC is well before age related conditions begin to set in.

To make sure your senior pet gets the best treatment available, we offer discounted blood work to all our senior patients so they may live the longest and happiest lives possible.

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Benning Animal Hospital

Care for Your Exotic Pet in Columbus

We offer optimum wellness care programs for goats, potbellied pigs, guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, hamsters and other pocket pets. Since it is often difficult to determine if an exotic pet is ill, we strongly recommend physical examinations twice a year to check for health problems, plus annual monitoring to check for nutritional and husbandry-related conditions.

After acquiring your new exotic pet, a complete pet wellness appointment is strongly recommended. This exam includes a thorough physical examination, husbandry and nutritional consultation, disease screening and laboratory testing if necessary. Before bringing your pet into your home, you want to make sure that he or she is healthy.

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